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Services & What To Expect

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Naturopathic Appointment

Your complete and thorough evaluation starts today. ​​

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Nutrition Consult

Your nutrition is the foundation of good health. With many different diets and fasting plans out there finding one tailored to your health goals can be challenging. Whether you need a complete overhaul or just want to fine tune a good foundation. Let's get you on the right track

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Cancer Prevention, Treatment, & Remission

Why wait for the diagnosis?  With limitations in traditional screening methods and a consistency in late findings we strive to focus on prevention. Tests and markers that can exposes signs of cancer years before anything is detected on a scan. Along with a naturopathic evaluation that focuses on limiting cancer promoting elements. For those in remission, we don't watch and wait, we prepare and revitalize. And for those currently battling the disease: We will work with your oncologist to give you the support you need in eradicating the disease and restoring your health


Dr. Miles is strongly opposes to the in-and-out appointments fostered by working standards tailored by insurance companies. He believes that patients deserve greater time and dedication to their case. Because of this, he is not working “in-network” with any insurance. Those who have out-of-network benefits can submit  for reimbursement and we will provide you with the information needed to submit

However, all labs will be submitted with insurance where applicable

HSA and FSA payments accepted

Dr. Miles is a proud member of SAGAFTRA and gives a discount to active members

Telemedicine now available!

We are excited to offer both phone and video consults to patients!

If you are unable to come to Connecticut or New York location we offer Telemedicine consultations! Although we cannot diagnose or treat unless you come to the clinic in person we are still able to complete a thorough intake and create recommendations for you to consider and discuss with your physician. 

We will use all reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of information sent and received in this video appointment.

Before you avail of our telemedicine services, please be aware of the following:

Video Consults

We assure you that the platform we use through Doxy – is peer-to-peer, so no information (audio or video) is being recorded or remains on the servers, and therefore cannot be stolen by a 3rd party. The AV capabilities supplied by Doxy is in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

If you prefer a video consult you will be sent a link in order for our appointment to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations. FB Messenger, Zoom or Skype cannot be used as the line is not secure and confidential

Phone Consults

1 on 1 phone consults are also available upon request

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