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I was recently referred to Dr. Miles by a friend and I had the very best experience. Dr. Miles has literally been a godsend for my 9 year old son; he has changed my boy’s life. I was compelled to leave this feedback in the hopes that someone may read it and they too my find help.

My son has had many medical issues. His health problems all started when he was 3 years old and it continued until my first visit with Dr. Miles a few months ago. Over the years I have taken my son to several, pediatricians, specialist, allergist, rheumatologist in Staten Island, NJ, Brooklyn and Manhattan. After countless tests and spending a small fortune, I became quite hopeless and mentally exhausted. None of those doctors could give me a clear answer or solutions to my son’s illness. No one was able to accurately identify his illness. I received conflicting information from previous doctors, some said he had, arthritis, lupus, an identified auto immune disease, allergies, Sjogren's disease, the list goes on. While other doctors told me it was none of the illnesses mentioned and my son would simply grow out of it. I had gone around and around in circles, from one doctor to the next and from one medicine to another. My son suffered for 6 agonizing years. I even wasted 6 months waiting for an appointment with a specialist in pediatric rheumatology in Brooklyn, who was very pompous and dismissed us after only 10 mins. The school system and NY school transportation department also failed us. My son was denied the school bus on the account that a doctor failed to identify a name to define my son’s illness, while he acknowledged my sons many prolonged aliments and difficulty walking. My entire family has suffered for years due to my son’s unexplained illnesses.


One day a friend of mine insisted that I see Dr. Miles. I had no expectations whatsoever, but I made the appointment simply to appease her. Dr. Miles was incredible, he listened intently. He knew right away want to do, but said let’s first do some blood work to rule out all of the illness previously suspected by the other doctors. Then Dr. Miles checked for what he suspected was the culprit. The first  appointment where Dr. Miles gathered information lasted for at least an hour. He was very thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions without me really having to ask very much. Dr. Miles has a very professional but approachable and empathetic demeanor. Great bedside manner, he made us feel very comfortable and for the first time we actually felt that a doctor truly cared to uncover what was wrong with my son. I could see he was determined to identify the illness for us, so it gave me hope. Dr. Miles ran a series of tests and looked for identifying markers. In exactly one week as promised, Dr. Miles sent me the tests results and he came up with a treatment plan. He explained everything in great detail. I knew Dr. Miles had accurately diagnosed my son because the symptoms of the detected illness was exactly what my boy had been experiencing for 6 years; in different symptom combinations at a time. We have since followed Dr. Miles’ treatment plan. The dietary recommendations have been difficult for a child to adhere to, but I’m relieved to proclaim that my son is now much healthier. The transformation of his  health has been astonishing, he is like a normal little boy now, very active and happy. My son complains much less of aches and pains, the infections and fevers have subsided and in general all the usual visible symptoms have disappeared. It is truly a miracle that I found Dr. Miles and my son finally has relief after 6 long years. For anyone out there experiencing pain and have not yet found proper help, please do  yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Miles. We are very thankful for what he has done for our family.

 - Kayde S.

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